We offer a wide range of analysis :

  • Brand Audit and Product Audit, to better understand brand perception and thus provide the keys to determining how to improve brand or product positioning and performance, and help develop new strategic directions.
  • Category Audit and Exploratory Audit, to understand consumer expectations and identify white spaces to better exploit them
  • Trend Trackers, to identify the latest “hot” trends to follow and use
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  • Target Audit and Personae Audit through ID cards, to better understand the types of consumer profiles you need to target to boost your performance.
  • Advocate Communities to help brands identify communities that have a natural affinity with the company’s values or those of the communication territory, notably through activation toolkits that then enable them to effectively engage these communities and their Key Opinion Leaders.
  • Consumer Journey to better understand and apprehend consumers by analyzing their passions and points of tension, in particular by determining the attributes that generate brand love or the different uses they can make of a product to better assimilate purchase drivers.
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